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About The Crag Collective

Inspiring Change

The Crag Collective is a initiative to involve the greater climbing community in environmental action. Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned pro, your voice and actions are important. With the rise of climbing gyms, more and more people are entering the sport and taking their skills outdoor. This means that there is a whole new community that can create a better environment.

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Key Project Ideals

What We Believe In

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Education is vital for us to make informed decisions and is something all should have access to. This is a guiding principle within the Crag Collective initiative. We are bringing the education to you so we can break down barriers to creating environmental change.


When we take action, we create a world that we want to see, provide the single guiding voice for our life, and have power over our future.  The Crag Collective provides you with the tools to truly create environmental change within our community.


No one person can create a movement. It takes a community of passionate people to affect change. This initiative cannot be successful without the support of the climbing and science community. You are what makes this project possible

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Check out survey results

The Crag Collective has teamed up with Lisa Nisbet from Trent University to create this essential survey. Check out the exciting conclusions!

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Know before you go

Some great tips to know before heading out to the crag

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